August 13, 2012

The history behind todays loved African Fabrics

There is no dearth of individuals who are simply in love with African fabrics and textiles, especially African wax print textiles that come in chic patterns and bright colors, which are mostly used to make bags. However, there are not many people in the world who are aware of the rich history behind the development of African fabric. As the name goes, we all believe that African fabrics originated in Africa, but history says that the style of batik that is used to produce this fabric didn’t originate in Africa. Rather the technique comes from Indonesia and was later adapted by the Dutch people.

African Fabrics

The Dutch perfected the art and since they could not find a suitable market nearby, they went over to western parts of Africa to sell it. Finding the right product, the locals of West Africa adapted the technique and did give a unique African touch, which later was loved by people all over the world. Since the art was perfected in Africa, and due to the slave trade, the African cultural history along with African textiles made its way to the United States. In Africa men usually weaved the cloth, while women were given the task to spin and dye the yarn. So while the weaving looks more masculine, the colors and textures got a more feminist touch. The three most common types of African Fabric, which include Aso Oke fabric, Mud Cloth and African Tie Dye have equally interesting facts surrounding them.

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August 13, 2012

Best George Fabric products for your little girl

George fabric, whether Indian or African, is loved the world over for its rich textures and exquisite embroidery work that is all done by hand. While there is no dearth of george fabric products you can buy for yourself, finding the best George Fabric products for your little girl could be a tad difficult. Here is a list of products you can easily buy or make for your little girl to make sure that even she looks just as refined and fashionable as you do.

  • George FabricBags

Bags are essential for all ladies to keep their useful products in. The range of bags available online or with the high street retailer is so large that even the best shoppers take hours to make the correct choice. The situation gets even more demanding if you’re planning to give you little angel a small bag that you want should be made using the best materials. There is a wide range of small bags for your baby that is made with george fabric. Not only do these bags look fashionable, they are made to withstand all moods of your child. Moreover, the soft exterior of george fabric makes it perfect for your child.

  • Purses

Apart from a trendy hand bag, you can also search for a lot of purses which your little one can carry when she’s not in a mood to carry a large george fabric bag. There is a collection of george fabric purses, which can be carried either alone or in the george fabric bag which you child usually carries. Similar in design to hand bags, george fabric purses too are made sturdy and the soft exterior with different embroideries make it a perfect item for your little one to flaunt.

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